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Florence + The Machine have kept the ball rolling on the lead up to their fifth studio album, Dance Fever (out May 13 on Polydor), first sharing singles and videos for “King”, “Heaven Is Here”, and “My Love” over the course of the last few months. Now, they’ve shared the record’s fourth single “Free,” along with a video for the track directed by Autumn de Wilde and co-starring actors Bill Nighy and Ryan Heffington.

And the good news is that the full album is leak online and is available today for free downlaod.

Click Here To Download Florence + The Machine - Dance fever LEAK

Tracks List:

  1. King

  2. Free

  3. Choreomania

  4. Back In Town

  5. Girls Against God

  6. Dream Girl Evil

  7. Prayer Factory

  8. Cassandra

  9. Heaven Is Here

  10. Daffodil

  11. My Love

  12. Restraint

  13. The Bomb

  14. Morning Elvis

Ahead of Dance Fever’s release next week, the group hosted a string of “warm-up” shows in London, Los Angeles and New York as a preview of both the new music and the much bigger tour to come this fall. Alice Tully, Lincoln Center’s concert hall, and its cathedral-sized pipe organ that flanks the stage matched the type of spiritual, ceremonial energy Welch and her band brought to the show.

The show was largely a greatest hits playlist, perfectly distributing her love across her entire discography. “What Kind of Man” and “Kiss With a Fist” were reminders that beneath the witch-y baroque exterior, Welch is a rock and roll singer first and foremost. During “Fist,” she invited the audience “to really let it out,” which they did consistently throughout the show, injecting the theater with a heavy dose of energy.

When she’s not showing off that booming voice of hers, Welch is quite soft-spoken, almost shockingly so. She has a bit of a shy streak at well, looking overcome with emotion as the audience cheers became louder in the silence between tracks. She shared multiple stories about her anxiety, including how she almost lost her ring in a gutter earlier that morning. She dedicated the ensuing song about anxiety (“Free”) to New York City.

The opener, “King” is the rare moment when Welch’s sights are set on the stifling nature of gender expectations. Blessed with a pleasant, trotting drum beat, she sounds totally in control as she performs her trademark vocal acrobatics. The lyrics tell the story of Welch eschewing the traditional roles forecasted for her, instead forging her own path. As the song nears its end, Welch cries out, the drums hit even harder, and we’re reminded once again just how much this band can do in moments of all-consuming chaos. The amount of anger swirling beneath the surface of “King” gets drawn out further on the stellar “Girls Against God,” a song that Welch calls “old testament style fury” at the thought of not being able to perform again; it is a glorious moment of misty-eyed vulnerability from a band so often dressed up in fairytales. “Oh, it’s good to be alive / Crying into cereal at midnight / And if they ever let me out / I’m gonna really let it out,” she sings on its refrain; it’s as important to show the phase of confinement as it is to show the cry of freedom.

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